A Delegation Led by the Consul General from the Chinese Consulate in Jeju Visiting the “Jeju·Ocean Hill” Project


    On the morning of April 17, 2017, Feng Chuntai, Consul General from the Chinese Consulate in Jeju, paid a visit to the construction site of Jeju·Ocean Hill” project along with Consul Xiu Mingye. Consul General Feng made important instructions: Ziyuan Group should fully aim to make a good example for Chinese enterprises to invest in Jeju by responding to the strategic deployment of "The Belt and Road" advocated by the state and taking long-term development thinking as the basis.

Chairman Du Jingang was introducing the project to Feng Chuntai, Consul General from the Chinese Consulate in Jeju (second from right)

     The same day, the delegation led by Consul General Feng Chuntai came to the construction site of “Jeju·Ocean Hill”. Accompanied by Du Jingang, Chairman of the Group, Tang Shuanghong, Deputy General Manager of the Group, they inspected the construction sites, sales center and show units on the spot and then called a meeting to learn more about the development of the enterprise. At the meeting, Consul General Feng spoke highly of the overall planning and architectural style of the “Jeju·Ocean Hill” and pointed out that it was necessary to scientifically arrange work procedures, strictly control the project quality, adhere to the safe and civilized construction, conquer various difficulties so as to make an example of industry construction and win honor for China.

    Chairman Du Jingang said at the meeting: "Our company will closely focus on the strategic deployment of the country. With care and support from the Consul General, we will try our best to build this project so that it will become a work with the highest quality and the strongest artistic temperament.

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