“Pauline”- Blooming above the City Center


    There is only one center in a city - Pauline’s World City. As the iconic tallest building in the core area of Tongliang, “Pauline” has drawn much attention from Tongliang people. Some changes take place only in an instant and some changes are gradual. When people pay attention, most of the hardships of transformation have been finished; when people want to learn more, the fruits of all the efforts are already in front of the eyes. From a piece of wasteland to the rise of two tall buildings, Ziyuan Real Estate has proven its commitment with its actions.

    At present, the apartment buildings have been completed, accepted and delivered. All civil works of the office building and the internal preliminary inspection have been completed. The remaining construction works are also under intense construction. Surrounding facilities and landscape engineering are carried out in accordance with the plan quickly and orderly. It is worth mentioning that the selection of project glass curtain wall was extremely fastidious, and the installation of glass curtain wall was also beset with difficulties. In the face of the complexity of the structure, color and specification, participants still input extreme enthusiasm and efforts to overcome the difficulties. Now it has been fully completed. I believe that the gorgeous night lighting of “Pauline” will soon make the whole city glamorous.

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