Jeju Investment Saloon & Full Opening of Jeju Ocean Hill Sales Center and Show Units to the Public


    On October 24, 2016, the Sales Center and Show Units of Jeju Ocean Hill, a project located on one of the seven natural wonders – Jeju Island, South Korea, were fully open to the public after intense construction and dedicated preparation. On the spot was an activity themed on “Insight into Prospect & Forecast of Value – Jeju Investment Saloon and Jeju Ocean Hill Investment Survey Trip” simultaneously held.
    The spot had presence of USUM Investment Group, elites from the industrial and commercial sectors, potential customers from major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Guangzhou. Guests on the spot consistently praised and recognized the magnificence, modern simplicity and fashionable grandeur of the Sales Center.


    The event started with a speech from Mr. Du Jingang, Chairman of the investor, Ziyuan Group. Chairman Du extended his warm greetings to the present guests, and briefly introduced the cultural and artistic positioning and design concept of the project, as well as the beautiful Jeju Island.

Mr. Du Jingang, Chairman of Ziyuan Group, was presenting a speech

    The representative from Hana Construction Co., Ltd., constructor of the project, represented in his address that the constructor would strictly follow the design concept of Ziyuan Group and construct the project in observance of high standards and stringent requirements. He warranted that the constructor would make the project an exquisite works of the finest artistic quality on Jeju Island. He also expressed his confidence and determination in doing so.
    A wonderful speech from Mr. Yang Hong, Chairman of USUM Group, followed. Mr. Yang expressed his gratitude for the honorable experience with the beautiful Jeju Island and for personal contact with the design concept and artistic atmosphere of the project on spot. Mr. Yang said this trip to Jeju Island was to expand the international investment channel for the USUM Group, and the unique cultural and artistic design and high quality of Jeju Ocean Hill showed entrepreneurs of USUM Group a way for overseas investment.

Mr. Yang Hong, Chairman of the USUM Group, was giving a speech

    Finally, the project principal elaborated on the project for the guests to have a better understanding of Jeju Island and Jeju Ocean Hill.

The project principal was elaborating on the project

    After the activity, guests were ushered to the show units of the project, where they were deeply impressed by the modern, fashionable and bright styles, scientific and reasonable interior layout and space arrangements, people-oriented smart home furnishings. After the visit, many guests expressed their high recognition and intent of purchase.

Guests were visiting a show villa

    Feedback from the formal opening of the Sales Center and show units to the public makes us believe that Jeju Ocean Hill will surely become a works of the best quality rendering and artistic feel, and that it will start a new round of tourism investment and immigration to Jeju Island. Let’s wait and see!


Nameplate of the project


Exterior of the Sales Center


Interior of the Sales Center


Show villa


Show villa


Show villa

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